Friends of  Brisbane  Botanic  Gardens and Sherwood Arboretum Ltd. is a not-for-profit Company limited by Guarantee.


  1. To advocate for the conservation and protection of heritage, natural, scientific and recreational values of Brisbane Botanic Gardens  and Sherwood Arboretum;
  2. To encourage high standards and effective management and maintenance of Brisbane Botanic gardens and Sherwood Arboretum;
  3. To support the administration and enhancement of  Brisbane Botanic gardens and Sherwood Arboretum;
  4. To promote public appreciation of Brisbane Botanic gardens and Sherwood Arboretum as well as scientific, horticultural, artistic, literary and educational interests at local, State, Federal and international levels;
  5. To engage with a widely diverse community with a program of ongoing events and activities in support of Brisbane Botanic gardens and Sherwood Arboretum;
  6. To connect with individuals, groups, organisations and agencies and share knowledge and experience in order to achieve the foregoing objectives

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