How to renew your membership...

From the main menu, select Membership/Renew Now

Sign into your Member Account

If you can't remember your password, you can request one to be sent to you via email

NOTE: The email address you enter needs to be the email address used for your account

This will get you to your account page

(also accessible through the main menu by selecting Membership/My Account).

Select the Renew, Upgrade or Update Billing button

Select your Membership Preference:

Lifetime - $1,000
One Year - $30
Two Years - $50
NOTE: There is an auto-recurring payment option to save renewing every year.
To access this,select the one year membership

Select your Payment Preference for auto-recurring or manual

Fill out all the card details, including the expiry date and CCV

Once processed, you will see a Thank you screen

...and receive a receipt for payment via email