Mt Coot tha Botanic Gardens Jim Dobbin


'Photographing our Botanic Parks'

...bought to you by the Friends and Seasol

Monthly competition announced at the end of each month

Pics of the City Botanic Gardens, Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Mt Coot-tha and Sherwood Arboretum

Include  short narrative – no more than 50 words – of ONE of the following topics:

  • What emotion did this photo capture?
  • Why I chose this plant.
  • Places I love
  • What do the botanic gardens mean to the community?

There is no entry fee – except the cost to walk, bus or drive to the gardens.

There are no restrictions in terms of the following :

  • Compositing multiple images,
  • Digitally manipulating the composition of a single image by moving elements,
  • Colour correction, and basic adjustments to exposure and contrast.

Respect the privacy of users within the gardens and post pics only of people you know and who have given permission to share.

Your own work is expected, please don’t plagiarise others’ works.

All judging is final.


Seasol Photo Competition FBBGSA Friends

...a bag of plant health fertiliser goodies from Seasol 

Entry Form

    JPG only, and file size smaller than 5Mb