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Edition 79, 2nd December 2020

Hello everyone

It’s SUMMER and it’s HOT.  Here we go again.  The kids will be home again soon from school or finished if they are older.  You will be wondering what to buy for Xmas for the family and hoping at the same time it won’t be hand cream or socks.

This last week I was lucky enough to head up to Noosa Botanical Gardens with Jill Brownlee who is the President of Noosa Friends and also a committee member.  Noosa Friends had a sale on the Saturday trying to make up for the lost revenue during the year.  It never ceases to impress me all the of volunteers and how much work is done purely for the love of the gardens.  I will add some photos into the newsletter for your enjoyment.

This time in the newsletter we have:

  • Current Grant Ops
  • Grant ops listed by states
  • Friends of Noosa Botanic Garden
  • Friends of Gold Coast Botanic Garden
  • Botanic Gardens of South Australia
  • Friends of Ivanhoe Botanic Garden
  • BGCI
Chantal de Vere
AAFBG Administration Officer

Current Grant opportunites State and territory information, grants and assistance  

In the Shade House I got to see so many lovely tropical plants and with the assistance of the clever Friend whom showed me around I was lucky enough to have a tour as well.  The volunteers know their plants really well and I was listening to conversations with members of the public who were likewise amazed by all the plants and history we were learning.
The plant sale went very well and was coordinated so that the public had to book and arrange a time to come in to buy their plants.  During this Saturday morning 17 more new members were made as well.  SO many plants to buy and such good quality.  I came home with two boxes of extra plants to get into my garden.

  • Top left: Curcuma, Bottom
  • Left: Antherium scherzerianum
  • Seated group: Judy, Brooke, Jill, Julie and standing is Chris.  (sorry if I have spelled anyone incorrectly)
  • The last photo is on the sun hardy plant in front of the shade plants area.
    Photos: Chantal de Vere


Friends of the Gold Coast Botanic Garden have produced a book, 100 pages 260 images, approx 10,000 words Celebrating Regional Biodiversity, told through the lens of Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens. Giving to Friends at printing cost so Friends will sell to promote the story of our region’s flora, natural and cultural history of the site and the amazing Friends group that have brought 32 hectares to life with plant collections representing the cities flora, and the wildlife that now visit. All profits directed to Friends Registered Environmental Charity to raise funds for their incredible contribution.
The launch was Friday night just passed.