Seasol Photo Competition #2

What brings me peace , love and adventure at the same time are the lotus pools outside the library at Mt Cooth-a Botanical gardens. One day while perching on the edge of the lotus pool, I saw a small green snake expertly navigating the leaves. What I didn’t see at first was it’s quarry- a little frog sitting on a lotus pod. My photos show the optimistic snake so close to frog (second picture). The frog’s senses were sharp and he jumped away safe and sound- for for that day anyway.

Jennie Duke

When I was taking this photo I was in awe of the stunning colours and intricate details of this water dragon, affectionately nicknamed Steve. I later learned that these colours indicate he is a breeding male. I hope others feel the same amazement and appreciation of Steve's beauty.


We wander the world in our lives finding truly but a few places we love. The botanical gardens is just that kind of place for me. The flora and fauna provide endless joy and spirits are always lifted. Not surprisingly I married sweetheart there.

Abby Fraser

Looking at him just made me think we’re all different in whatever shape or size or colour we’re all amazing in our own way.

Linda Fenwick

I chose this image as I love water lilies and was inspired by Monet and his garden at Giverny. I grew up within walking distance and love the gardens

Heather Dutra

In a world that’s broken in so many ways at the moment there is something beautiful inside that says we can grow as one and get through this together..

Linda Fenwick

Tranquility for an ibis as it rests within the sprouting cannas

Michael Middleton

The Botanic gardens are of a huge benefit to the community and I feel so grateful that we have this beautiful place to commune with nature. The variety of flora and fauna, the walks among the trees and streams, the waterfalls allow us to get back to nature and recharge.


I feel blessed to have this in my life you make me smile everyday and challenge me and know that your by my side everyday the worlds a better place and so am I.

Linda Fenwick