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FBBGSA’s aims are to Protect, Promote and Connect the botanic collections in the Brisbane Botanic Gardens & Sherwood Arboretum.”

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2 thoughts on “Mt Coot Tha Zipline Newsletter”

  1. Anna Castellano

    I am extremely disappointed to learn that Council is considering allowing a private company to install a zipline across the lake at the top of the botanical gardiens. This will absolutely destroy the unique tranquility of that beautiful and unique site. Not to mention the buses which will be going up and down through the gardens every 15 mn to service the zipline.

    And for what reason? it all comes down to money. It is apparently cheaper for Zipline Australia to build a terminal in the gardens, rather than outside.

    The gardens belong to the people, especially Brisbane rate payers. They are not there for the commercial gains of any private company.

    I will be voting for a change of Council at the next election. This one has been in power too long and thinks it can turn our treasured backyards into theme parks.

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