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Edition 78, 16th November 2020

Hello everyone

My that 2 weeks went quickly.  The heat has kicked in here in Queensland and there is little rain around.  I hope it’s better where you are.

There will be an AGM in Adelaide April next year.  Hopefully we will be able to meet face to face but who knows. It would be great to do those sorts of things again…in real life.

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Chantal de Vere
AAFBG Administration Officer

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I am Daniela, a project officer at Plant Health Australia and coordinator of the Botanic Gardens Biosecurity Network (BGBN). you may The Botanic Gardens Biosecurity Network provides practical information and advice to staff of botanic gardens, community interest groups and members of the public to develop awareness, knowledge, and skills to contribute to general biosecurity surveillance activities. Through building this capacity the network aims to contribute to Australia’s national plant health surveillance system and to post-border, plant pest preparedness, early detection, and response capability.

The Botanic Gardens Biosecurity Network are coordinating COVID-19 friendly surveillance activities and are encouraging people across Australia to take part in a tree of heaven blitz between the 14-20 November 2020 . In Australia, tree of heaven is listed as a weed with levels of control varying among states. It is a significant environmental weed that has the ability to outcompete native vegetation and can be difficult to control. Tree of heaven is not only a weed but also a significant host of the spotted lantern fly and brown marmorated stink bug, two plant pest that can have significant effect on our natural environment, backyards, forests and plant industries. The blitz is a citizen science project and anyone can get involved. During the blitz we are asking participants to look for tree of heaven in their backyard, local roadsides, parks, reserves or botanic gardens then to send reports of suspected tree of heaven plants to the ‘botanic gardens’ project in MyPestGuide™ Reporter app.

The information generated from the blitz will contribute to the mapping of significant plant host of spotted lanternfly, this will increase our preparedness to deal with this pest if it were to enter Australia.  It is also a great way to generate information on the distribution of tree of heaven in Australia assisting in the active management of this weed species.

It would be fantastic if you could share this information or promote the tree of heaven blitz to your networks. I have attached a flyer with details on the blitz and how to report. I have also included a promotion image and some suggested promotional wording. For the latest updates on the blitz follow the Botanic Gardens Biosecurity Network on Facebook . We would be very grateful if you can share one of our upcoming promotion posts on your Facebook page.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the network and the blitz, please feel free to get in touch or for more information visit the Botanic Gardens Biosecurity Network website .

Kind regards,

Dr Daniela Carnovale
Project Officer
Dir: 02 6215 7715   Main: 02 6215 7700
Level 1, 1 Phipps Close, Deakin ACT 2600 planthealthaustralia.com.au
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