Persian Date Candies – Lucy’s luscious Lovelies CollectionBy ViceChairPersian cuisine is renowned in the Middle East, many dishes trace their roots to Persia with a beautiful blend of spices, herbs, fruits , nutes, seeds and distilled waters of herbs and flowers. This recipe brings together ingredients reminiscent of the region - dates, walnuts, sesame & niger seeds and rose water. Simple to prepare and easy to eat these candies sit well with fresh mint tea or rich turkish coffee.
Mazapán Toledo Snails- Lucy’s Luscious Lovelies Recipe collectionBy ViceChairSnails of Mazapán de Toledo (Marzipan of Toledo) are claimed to be invented by the nuns of Toledo of the Convent of San Clemente following the Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa in 1212 which was an effort to take back territory occupied by the Moors. The nuns then sold the little mazapán shapes, including the snail, to the St James walk pilgrims. The recipe has been amended to remove cane sugar and add the surprise of rose water.
Muhalabai – Lucy’s Luscious Loveliesrecipe collection – copyright LLLBy ViceChairMuhalabai - Lucy's Luscious Lovelies - a vegan version of a favourite sweet during Ramadan, or for a quick breakfast starter, a delicious Arabic milk pudding flavoured with cardamom, rosewater or orange blossom water gives it a unique taste. Annette regularly spoilt herself with the Singaporean version from the popular people's restaurant Zam Nam on North Bridge Rd. Established in 1908, Singapore. Zam Zam is one of the most popular Indian-Muslim restaurants in Singapore. - other names Mahalabai, Muhalebbi. Malay Pandan version - add pandan leaf for that extra exotic flavour